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Thousands of SMBs want to take a leap towards innovation. And thanks to your new skills they will be able to do so.

With the e-commerce and logistics sector expanding, the SMBs that populate the market today need daily support from specialized professionals. Someone always ready to provide the right solutions. By joining the MBE world, you can be that partner, taking your customer’s e-commerce logistics to a new level of efficiency, and we will be by your side. Mail Boxes Etc. is one of the world’s largest networks of service centers, owned and managed by independent Entrepreneurs who provide shipping, logistics & e-commerce, fulfillment, print and marketing solutions to businesses and individuals. According to recent research, the eCommerce global market will reach $8.1 trillion by 2026. A trend that is set to grow in the coming years. Starting your own business in the E-commerce and Logistics market can be the right move.

In a globalized world strongly oriented towards online purchases, commercial exchanges now concern not only large chains but also private buyers. Goods travel at ever increasing rhythms and volumes, in contexts and areas that are also very different from each other both from a geographical and political point of view.

MBE Franchising also represents an interesting opportunity for those local entrepreneurs who want to become part of the sector’s growth and development process as protagonists. In fact, becoming a point of reference for distribution chains allows you to start your own business with the support of consulting teams of large groups, capable of guiding new activities with marketing campaigns, training programs and dedicated support in a relationship of collaboration that benefits both parties.