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MBE offers financial assistance to start up your business

MBE is constantly engaged in identifying financing solutions that can facilitate and encourage the start-up of the MBE Centers and, consequently, the development of entrepreneurship. The new entrepreneur can therefore count on the support of the Network to jointly evaluate and identify together the best form of financing. This support applies to new franchisees, but also to existing ones who, for example, want to invest in a Multi-Affiliation or expand their business and introduce technological innovations.

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Our Financial Resources

It may come from any combination of private funds, loans, grants, subsidies, or other resources. Mail Boxes Etc. helps prospects and franchisees find the right capital structure that best fits their individual circumstances. Thanks to Mail Boxes Etc. agreements with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions and GRENKE, it is now much easier to start your own business and open your own MBE Centre. Those who open an MBE Center have the possibility of requesting 100% financing of the Franchise Fee and the possibility of renting the necessary items for the setting up of the Service Center without dealing with bank loans or onerous initial investments, taking advantage of a clear fee, 100% deductible and in line with your needs.